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When we say “on-premise” solution, what do we mean? It simply means your phone system is kept on-site in your IT or data closet. Although “hosted” is the new buzzword in the telecommunications industry, we find that customers still like the security of having their system on-premise. We’ve been installing NEC phone systems for as long as we’ve been in business. We continue installing them because of their track record for reliability, their feature-rich design, and the great feedback we get from our customers that use them.

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We love the NEC product portfolio because it’s flexible, scalable, and easy to use. Scalable means that whether you have a large office or a small one, the telephone solution can be configured to suit your needs. It’s flexible because it can often be used with your current network infrastructure. That saves you money! So, whether you’re interested in the SL2100 or the SV9100, we’ve got the licensed experts to help you!

Every phone system we install is custom programmed for the way you want to do business. No two businesses are alike. So, we take the time to listen to your needs, so we can do it right for you the first time. So, whether you’re interested in the SL2100 or the SV9100, we’ve got the licensed experts to help you! Let’s Get Connected Today! You can either give us a call or complete the form below. We’ll give you a free consultation and quote.

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We love this business. We believe that when you find something you’re good at, do it and be the best at it. We enjoy breaking down complicated technology into terms that are simple and easy to understand and implement into your field. Most of all, we take pride in transforming our customer's business through technology. We are looking for a partnership that will last a lifetime. With over 50 years of technology experience, it’s our business to keep you connected to your business.


What is On-Premise Phone System?

On-Premise phone system is what some will refer to as a PBX or simply a phone system. Not to get too technical, an on-premise system is when your phone system is a physical device either owned or leased by the user. These systems can be on-premise VoIP or digital. With on-premise VoIP you will have dial tone from a traditional teleco, cable provider, or SIP trunk provider. This dial tone will come directly into your location and connect to the phone system. With on-premise, the end-user will have a server, on their site or data center, and the end-user is responsible for the upgrades, maintenance, and/or expansion of the system. Typically the end user will partner with a provider for ongoing support or rely on their IT professionals.


How do you find the very best value for your bandwidth dollar? What kind of phone service should you get? Do you need analog lines, PRI, T1, SIP trunks? The traditional way would be to contact every telecommunications provider and spend hours of your precious time trying to find the right service. The Covenant Technology way saves those hours by comparing the available providers in your area for you. We make your decision to change or upgrade your voice or internet service an easy one.

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